International GAP Year Students

Are you finished with school and not ready to go to University? Or maybe you’re unsure of what you should go and study next? Then why not take a gap year…

In the beautiful and diverse country of South Africa!

We are known as the rainbow nation. We have 11 official languages. As you know, the remarkable and noble Nelson Mandela was from here. We hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. (Our football may not be so good, but our stadiums are pretty awesome!)

Come and dispel the myths you may have heard:

  • There are no elephants and lions roaming our streets!
  • Not everyone lives in mud huts!
We are a friendly nation. We are full of fun!

And you will enjoy coming to do a gap year experiencing some of our country’s most popular holiday destination: Cape Town

What will you see and experience in the first six months?

  • Climb the famous Table Mountain (and ride back down on the popular Cable Way).
  • Sightseeing of Cape Town with the Red City Bus Tour.
  • Experience our different cultures and languages (see why we are the rainbow nation.)
  • Surfing lessons in Muizenberg.
  • Visit the Chris Barnard Museum (where the world’s first heart transplant took place!)
  • See why Cape Town one the “design capital” award in 2014.
  • Go on an African Safari (we can help arrange this for you.)
  • Go on tour around the country for three weeks performing on stage and in schools.
  • Look up to the thousands of stars in Sutherland (in the Northern Cape). This will take your breath away!
  • Enhance your knowledge of various careers in the working world.

And then the next six months:

  • See the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens.
  • Visit the famous Robben Island.
  • Another three week tour of our country; sharing the gospel through acting, dance and singing
  • Bungee jump South Africa’s highest Bungee site.
  • Five day hike through the Tsitsikamma Forest Region.
  • Join us abroad in Argentina for 10 days!
  • Growth! This one words depicts this gap year very well!

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